Some data and lead service providers will not work to deeply understand your business, target the customers you seek, and also work to exclude the ones you would rather not have. This rather unfortunate practice occurs all too often, and the non-desired or “filler” leads that are purchased when this happens will not only put your growth goals in jeopardy, but will also waste your marketing budget. Data and lead service providers commonly will try to camouflage this practice by offering you a better “deal” with larger quantities. This of course, will be at the expense of obtaining quality leads and proper targeting, which defeats the entire purpose of efficient and cost-effective marketing practices.

Poor customer serviceis another common problem with many data and lead service providers. They should be acting as an extension of your company’s marketing department. They should be providing on-going and regular feedback and collaboration to maximize the effectiveness of the products and services they sold you. This kind of feedback is essential when used to supplement your company’s marketing programs.