The most important thing to look for in a data and lead service provider is their ability to plan, supply,and execute cost-effective, targeted marketing campaigns. A good data and lead service provider will be able to offera steady flow of high-quality and targeted new business prospects that will enable you to focus on fine-tuning your growth.The more effective companies will offer analysis, tracking and reporting support. Since only a small percentage of the new leads will actually become customers, it is important that you track the progress of each lead.This will allow you to see patterns as to why certain leads became customers and why others did not. This is extremely valuable and educational data that will really transform the way you run your future marketing campaigns.This will help you to better understand what’s working and what needs adjustments. After all, it’s all about lowering your CPA and increasing your ROI.

In conclusion, targeted marketing utilizing data and lead service providers is very similar to a team sport. You must be certain when choosing a provider that they are not only easy to work with, but also aligned with your particular business goals. And most importantly, be sure they understand your unique business goals and have the appropriate resources on staff to coach and guide you along the way.