Why are so many businesses choosing email marketing?

For return on investment, email may very well be the most cost-effective marketing channel ever invented. Email marketing offers a way to caste a large net with a smaller budget. Unlike direct mail, you can reach thousands of people within hours, while working on a defined budget. Other benefits include:

Targeted Campaigns

Choose from hundreds of criteria to reach your specific target market. Some criteria include the following:
Age, Income, LOR, Marital Status, DOB, Homeownership, Education level, Ethnicity, Houshold Income, Home Value, Presence of Children, Geography, Political view, Telephone number, Cell Number, Auto Vehicle Year, Make, and Model, VIN Numbers.

Accurate Reporting

Get tracking reports with information on emails sent, delivered, bounced, opened, opt-out, and the number of click-throughs on the links within the message. We show you everything! Our entire campaign is transparent.

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