Have you ever explored what really makes a client happy? Is it your products and/or services? Is it your pricing? Is it that you answer the phone when they call? Is it all of the above?
Recently, I have been digging deeper into my own business and asking my clients what they think I do right and what I could be doing better. I am always looking to improve my business relationships, so I started jotting down thoughts! After all, the relationship you have with each of your clients is going to have the biggest impact on your overall business.
A client isn’t just coming to you for your products and services. They want a real person, who is there to ask just the right questions, make knowledgeable recommendations, and answer their questions. They need someone they can trust to help grow their business.
To win new clients and retain existing ones, you’ll need to demonstrate that you can meet your client’s needs. Your client needs to have a good relationship with his/her provider. You know you have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help your clients.
Building a solid relationship with each of your clients takes time and work. It’s an ongoing process. Your clients must get to know you as a person, work with you, and develop trust.
You want to help your clients determine their goals and meet their needs. Focus on what you can do for each client and how to communicate that effectively, and you’ll open the door to building trust. Each client’s needs are individual, so never try to put them into a box!
Trust is the basis of any relationship.

But how do you get new clients to place their trust in you? Trust is built in many ways.
1) Start showing you’re dependable. Follow through and keep your word. Before you make a promise to a client, be sure you can deliver.
2) Build trust by demonstrating expertise in your field and knowledge of your products and services. Continue to learn about your products and commit to strengthening your services. A good understanding of and commitment to your business will go a long way towards building trust.
3) Be open and honest with your clients from the beginning. Train your clients to do the same. You want to know if they’re unhappy with a product or the service. Otherwise, how can you work on making things right?
4) Deliver on expectations and you’ll be well on your way to cementing a great client relationship. After all, that’s why they hired you.
4) Show interest in what your client shares with you. Be attentive to their needs, try to understand their motivations, and recognize they’re a person, just like you.

Next time you start building or looking into your relationships, make sure you refer to some of my core components. After doing this, I realized that I value my clients just as much as my clients value me. This is what has helped continue to grow Data Boutique and I wouldn’t change a thing!